QUALIFICATIONS: Individual shall possess a clinical license (LCSW, LPC, RN) as well as a Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in social work, rehabilitation counseling, or other related behavioral health or counseling program. In addition to a Master’s degree, licensed marriage and family therapists must have one year experience in a community behavioral health setting or be certified as a psychiatric rehabilitation practitioner (in lieu of the one year experience in community behavioral health setting). A valid driver’s license in good standing.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Offer services appropriate to meet the consumer’s needs. Perform therapeutic rehabilitative skill development. Promote the integration of physical and mental health. Perform a comprehensive rehabilitation needs assessment. Contribute to the development, implementation, monitoring, and updating of the individualized rehabilitation plan. Coordinate and manage services.  Collaborate with CSS staff and others involved in consumer’s treatment to complete required paperwork. Perform crisis intervention. Assist individuals with utilizing all available community supports that best meet their needs. Complete all required documentation in clinical files in a timely manner. Attend agency staff meetings and training’s. Must meet required productivity levels in regard to direct service. Perform other duties as assigned by the CSS Director. 

SKILLS NEEDED:  Ability to engage with individuals. Ability to utilize clinical skills to assess valued life roles and incorporate these into the comprehensive rehabilitative needs assessment. Ability to create SMART goals with individuals and incorporate these into the individual’s rehabilitative plan. Ability to communicate well with CSS team members verbally and in writing. Awareness of community resources and how to link individuals if needed. Ability to identify a clinical crisis that may require emergency intervention.

REPORTS TO: Director of Community Support Services

LOCATION: Montclair, NJ 


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