Integrated Case Management Services (ICMS)

ICMS provides a community-based, comprehensive network of support, advocacy, referral and intervention to adults being discharged from mental health care facilities.  Available in both Essex and Morris Counties, highly qualified Case Managers assist consumers with all aspects of the transition back into the community and ensure that they avail themselves of all resources they are entitled to receive.

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Partial Care

Prospect House (PH)

Prospect House is our day treatment/partial care program.  Attendance at Prospect House helps people with mental disorders to successfully manage their illness and significantly lower their risk for re-hospitalization through a highly regarded, psycho-social rehabilitation program.

Located in East Orange, Prospect House utilizes a graduated program structure to assist consumers as they move towards wellness and recovery.

Prospect Primary Healthcare

Located within Prospect House, Prospect Primary Care provides quality, comprehensive physical healthcare including specialists and lab work as needed to adults within any of MHA Essex and Morris programs.

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Community Support Services (CSS)

Community Support Services develops community-based housing opportunities and coordinated services for people with mental illnesses who are able to live independently.  Services include location identification, landlord negotiation and financial planning to help ensure long-term, stabilized housing as well as linkage to other services as needed.

Services were adjusted for the COVID-19 pandemic; in an effort to follow CDC recommendations CSS is also providing telecommunication services to decrease face to face contact. These telecommunication services include crisis management, increasing coping skills, increasing independence around ADLs and budgeting, increasing knowledge base regarding the pandemic, and providing necessary resources.  CSS continues to assist individuals in obtaining necessities, such as food and medication, and delivers these goods to individuals if necessary. In addition, CSS started holding monthly socialization and health education groups to decrease social isolation.

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Riskin Children’s Center (RCC)

The Riskin Children’s Center provides high quality, affordable, comprehensive, accessible and culturally appropriate mental health services for children.  The Center integrates many services under one roof, addressing the mental health and any related physical health issues a child may have.  Other healthcare professionals, educators, parents and siblings are all included in the center’s holistic approach to children’s behavioral health and emotional well-being.

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Assisted Outpatient Treatment Services

Assisted Outpatient Treatment Services delivers community-based mental health services under court order to individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses who have a history of non-adherence to prescribed treatment on a  voluntary basis.

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Collaborative Justice Services (CJS)

Collaborative Justice Services provides effective discharge planning, linkage and referral to community resources for non-violent offenders with mental illness who re-enter the community following release from the Essex or Morris County Correctional Systems and from municipal jails.  CJS also advocates on behalf of those consumers who are rightfully incarcerated to ensure that they receive necessary and appropriate treatment and medication during their tenure in jail.  In addition, the program works with local law enforcement officers to train them on how to safely and effectively interact with individuals with mental illness who may be in crisis.

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Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH)

PATH  provides outreach, intensive case management and housing that will enable adults who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness, and have a serious mental illness, to engage in community based services. In doing so, we also strive to improve consumers health outcomes, participation in mental health services and substance abuse treatment as needed.

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The Center for Behavioral Health

The Center for Behavioral Health provides psychotherapy and psychiatric services out of our Montclair office located at 33 South Fullerton Avenue. Individuals are initially seen at the main office for an intake evaluation and can schedule the second appointment with our psychiatrist for further evaluation. After the initial evaluation, the individual will be referred to a CBH therapist to begin treatment. Weekly sessions are held at our Montclair office. Treatment modalities include individual, marital, group and family therapies. Ongoing medication management services are available with our psychiatrist.

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Supported Employment Services (SES)

Supported Employment Services help men and women who are recovering from a mental illness to obtain and retain productive employment in the community.  Job counselors help identify employment prospects, provide assistance in developing appropriate readiness and job skills, and monitor progress and workplace performance.

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